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Back in 2010, my wife Shilpa and I were joint owners of an established 2-surgery dental practice in a leased building in a small Leicestershire village. We thought that we probably had potential for growth but had no real idea how to make this a reality.   We acknowledged that we would need help to grow in the right direction and even to initially decide on the viability of moving in any direction at all.

This was where Mike and Carol of PSDS Solutions stepped in. They were recommended to us by a colleague, who assured us that they were the right people for the job and that they had the necessary skills and experience to help us make the right decisions. So we contacted them, met them and listened to what they had to say. It seemed to make sense, so we took the plunge and Mike and Carol were on board.

On day one, they commenced an in-depth viability assessment on all aspects of the business and advised, recommended and supported our decisions. Based on the outcomes of these studies, it was decided that expansion was completely viable.

Mike and Carol were actively involved in everything from recruitment to project management, to processes and procedures and documentation of these to the standards required by the CQC. They were involved in all aspects of the building work on the new premises and even recommended tradesmen and service providers that they had used before and knew could be trusted. They also provided support and advice on an ongoing basis and helped with every aspect of the transition.

To cut a long story short, in the space of 18 months, our 2 surgery, leased practice with 7 staff had evolved into a 4 surgery, state of the art practice with almost 20 staff, in our own premises in the same village, and is the envy of every dentist in the locality. PSDS Solutions were instrumental in helping to turn our dreams into reality. Their support is ongoing and we know we can still just pick up the phone and call them if we need advice or guidance. Thank you!

Dr. Hanish Chotai BDS (Birm.)- Practice Principal, Desford Dental Care 



When  Mike and Carol arrived in the Practice four years ago, they promised to take it apart, and then put it back together again, without disruption - and they have certainly lived up to that promise!

From staff management,  systems ,  policies, procedures and protocols,  IT  systems, security,  disaster recovery,  to staff management and training, they have left no stone unturned.

The results have been  a more profitable Practice, a happier and more productive Team,  the peace of mind of knowing that the paperwork is all there,  confidence in our IT, data protection  and practice management systems, to name but a few.  

Carol and Mike are tireless in their commitment to helping us through, encouraging, sometimes forcefully, available at all hours for ongoing support, on any and all matters as they arose.

I am very thankful that we called on PSDS Solutions when we did, and I am most grateful for the huge difference that Mike and Carol have made to the our Practice.

Dr Mary Robson BDS Lond - Principal, Charlbury Dental 


Earlier in 2010, the PCT contacted me with an allegation of inappropriate claiming by some of my former Associates. As Principal I was deemed responsible and asked to carry out an investigation. The workload proved to be huge and I gladly passed the burden onto PSDS Solutions. Within a matter of weeks I was given a file that was so large I could hardly lift it! The end result was a 75% reduction in the size of my liability and perhaps more importantly peace of mind that the business was behind me and the PCT were satisfied that the enquiry was thorough. If I ever find myself in this situation again, I would return to PSDS without hesitation.

Dr. Peter Nixon – Doncaster


After many years of feeling that our dental practice was running us, rather than the other way round, we invited PSDS in to sort the business out. The review process was swift, painless and revealed many issues that we didn’t even know existed. The tailored applications, data analysis and performance targets are transforming our practice. The finances are looking up, patient numbers are up, and my blood pressure is on the way down! I can’t recommend PSDS highly enough”.

Dr. Paula Brennan - Principal, Westbury Dental Care


Following a period of chaos and instability with my dental practice I contacted PSDS. From day one, Mike and Carol listened to the serious issues within our practice which I felt were beyond reconciliation and gave us hope and reassurance that our problems were very common and with a bit of 'out of our comfort zone' input, easily resolvable.

Following their on-site operational review, we were given a comprehensive bespoke report together with a six month turn around implementation plan, which we followed to the letter, and as they predicted we are now running a successful happy, balanced and profitable Dental business. We now operate a practice with sensible clinical hours, appropriate hourly rates, our nurses and receptionists are respected and well remunerated and we have a three week waiting list for new patients! Mike and Carol are still in regular contact with us and have become valued mentors in the continued development and success at Smilecare.

Dr David Mantle (BDS) - Smilecare Dental Clinic


I want to thank Mike and Carol for all the help and support they provided me over the last two years.

They were very skilled at collecting the information needed to make the appropriate recommendations with regards to Practice systems, Administration and HR among endless other scenarios associated with running a dental practice.

Their input has been very helpful and we are now starting to reap the benefits – We are definitely moving forwards and upwards.

We continue to receive help and support, when we have queries – very reassuring. There is no way I can thank them enough for the endless emergency phone calls we made for help and guidance with our new IT systems, whilst we were getting used to them.

Wishing you both all the best.

Dr Hitesh Batavia - Ravenscourt Dental Practice


Mike and Carol came into our practice with an open overview of the drift into an uncertain future. They focused us on our strengths and weaknesses, pointing us in the right direction.

Moving to a computer based patient management system was essential. Mike sourced, installed and configured the network quickly. Any problems, Mike has been there to fix them, an enormous reassurance for all our IT resources

Dr Sandy Baillie Strong -Dovecote Dental Care


Mike and Carol have been instrumental in helping us grow our practice since 2007, and have delivered far more value that I expected.

Although our systems were running well superficially, and the practice was reasonably successful,  Mike and Carol’s in depth analysis of the computer system and conversations with the team revealed many aspects that were not working properly and were creating black holes in our income.  I also began to understand the limitations of the key performance indicators that we were using.  I thought that I had a good handle on the practice but I was surprised and delighted with the outcome of their work.  Their fee analysis and calculator system alone has brought in £35000 in 10 months.

Our recall system was also ineffective – the resultant increase in patient attendance has brought in an extra £25000 of income.

Mike and Carol have ensured that my practice had a sound base in terms of policies and procedures that can be implemented by any new team member.  They have helped to motivate the whole team in their understanding of the practice and their contributions to the success of the business.  They have analysed losses and the profit potential not only from my dentistry but in my personnel processes, my systems management and they have identified untapped potential.

On a personal level, Mike and Carol have the ability to listen empathetically, and provide support and information for me to make critical decisions. I have found their experience across a wide range of industries and settings invaluable in broadening my business acumen.

I can wholeheartedly recommend PSDS to any practice wishing to develop their potential in this increasingly competitive market.

Dr Ewa Rozwadowska BDS -Confident Dental Care


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PSDS Solutions were instrumental in helping to turn our dreams into reality
 Our 2 surgery, leased practice with 7 staff had evolved into a 4 surgery, state of the art practice with almost 20 staff, in our own premises in the same village, and is the envy of every dentist in the locality.Their support is ongoing and we know we can still just pick up the phone and call them if we need advice or guidance. Thank you! » read full testimonial

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